Gasline Coalition

A diverse group of Alaskan organizations from across the state have come together to form the Alaska Gasline Coalition. The coalition’s primary purpose is to support the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation’s (AGDC) Alaska LNG project.

Alaska LNG is a large integrated gas infrastructure project with three major components: a gas treatment plant located at Prudhoe Bay, an 807-mile pipeline to Southcentral Alaska with offtakes for in-state use, and a natural gas liquefaction facility in Nikiski to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG) for export.

Alaska Gasline Coalition members help ensure their fellow Alaskans have the information necessary to be prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities created by Alaska LNG.

Coalition Benefits

AGDC provides the Alaska Gasline Coalition with regular project updates and highlights opportunities for Alaskans to get involved in moving Alaska LNG forward.

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Current Members

“AEDC firmly believes that the Alaska LNG project would be a boom to our economy. As an organization that champions growing and diversifying Anchorage's economy -- this project would accomplish both. More well-paying jobs and more revenue for our state is why AEDC supports the development of a natural gas pipeline project in Alaska.” Bill Popp, President & CEO, AEDC
“The Alaska AFL-CIO is fully committed to this project. We know Alaskan contractors and workers are the best in the world at building in the Arctic and we look forward to the opportunity to build this project and bring our gas to market.” Vince Beltrami, President, AFL-CIO
“I would like to emphasize the positive benefits that will accrue to large and small businesses in Alaska and the nation from an Alaska Gasline Project. Businesses that will work directly on the Project or as suppliers and subcontractors will benefit. In addition to producing gas for Alaskans and revenue to the State from the sale of that gas, the importance of the jobs that will be produced and the benefit to businesses large and small can be life-changing to individual Alaskans." David Manzer, President, Alaska Land Status, Inc.
Alaska Land Status
“American Marine International supports the Alaska LNG project and looks forward to playing a part in the improvement of the lives of Alaskans." David Shahnazarian, Regional Manager
American Marine International
“Aspen Hotels of Alaska supports the future of a gas pipeline to create new jobs and opportunities for future generations of Alaskans." Carol Fraser, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing
Aspen Hotels of Alaska
"ASRC wants to be a part of a successful Alaska gas project and we are encouraged with the progress AGDC is making to deliver North Slope gas to markets." Rex Rock, President & CEO, ASRC
“We support AGDC’s efforts and standby to help make sure that Alaskans are prepared to take advantage of the benefits that Alaska LNG will bring across the state.” Sam Robert Brice, President
"Calista Corporation looks forward to participating with Gasline Coalition partners in growing Alaska's economy." Andrew Guy, President & CEO, Calista Corp
“The Construction Industry Progress Fund is pleased to join the Alaska Gasline Coalition to build momentum for this remarkable project. By conducting outreach in the construction community and beyond, the Construction Industry Progress Fund hopes to be a valuable asset to the Gasline Coalition in accomplishing this historic project.” Joey Merrick, Vice-Chair, CIPF
"I believe the economic, energy, and workforce benefits of a natural gas pipeline are crucial to Alaska's future. We are a resource state and a natural gas pipeline is something the state envisioned decades ago. It's time to bring Alaska's vast, proven North Slope natural gas resources to market." -Dave Cruz, President, Cruz Companies
Cruz Companies
“Alaska LNG will positively impact the shareholders of Doyon by delivering clean natural gas to interior communities, providing jobs and economic opportunities and raising revenue to the State for essential services.” Aaron Schutt, President & CEO
Doyon Limited
“In addition to direct jobs on the Alaska LNG project, we anticipate accelerated construction in the Interior once the region has access to natural gas. This will transform our communities.” Lake Williams, President
Fairbanks Building Construction Trades Unions
“Fairbanks Labor organizations are preparing our members for the job opportunities with Alaska LNG that will impact all our trades. We are excited for the opportunity to safely and efficiently develop North Slope gas. Doug Tansy, President
Fairbanks Central Labor Council
“FEDC is proud to join with other Alaska organizations, businesses and individuals in the gasline coalition, supporting the development of Alaska’s natural gas in order to improve the quality of life for every Alaskan.” Jim Dodson, President
“Alaska LNG means jobs for the Interior. Our communities are relying on this project to bring affordable energy, cleaner fuel and an economic boon to the State only seen one time prior. It is our generation’s legacy much like the TAPS project of the 1970’s were our fathers and grandfather’s legacy. A project like this will keep a skilled workforce going strong for generations to come which will lead to a robust economy, stabilizing Alaska’s fiscal position.” Scott Eickholt, Secretary Treasurer
Fairbanks Laborers Local 942
"There is nothing that will have a greater impact on our community than lower cost energy provided by a direct source of clean natural gas.” Bill Vivlamore, President of Vivlamore Co.
Frontier Supply Company
"As a contractor working on the pre-FEED stage of the gasline project for three years I saw first-hand the economic benefits and potential of the project. When you combine construction phase jobs, production jobs, a supply of less expensive clean energy, and State revenues into one project, the potential is enormous." Roarke Brown, Owner, Homer Ocean Charters
Homer Ocean Charters
“The Kenai Peninsula Builders Association recognizes the economic importance of this project to our area and specifically, the building industry. We support this project and are enthusiastically encouraging our members to be proactively involved.” Dan Nelson, President, KPBA
“In addition to creating jobs on the Kenai Peninsula, the Alaska LNG project will provide industry with the long-term, consistent supply of Natural Gas necessary for significant investments in infrastructure.” Tim Dillon, President, KPEDD
“The Alaska LNG project will create thousands of good-paying jobs for Alaskans, and Laborers' Local 341 is behind it 100%.” Larry Mooney, President, Laborers' Local 341
“Construction of the Alaska LNG project will create up to 12,000 direct jobs and approximately 1,500 additional indirect jobs. This will provide Alaskan electrical contractors with incredible opportunities and we are encouraging our members to be prepared.” Larry Bell, Executive Manager, NECA
"Pape Kenworth Alaska is excited to be part of the Alaska Gasline Coalition. Our natural resources are vital to our economy and with such an abundant supply, we have enough natural gas for use in our own great state and to export to overseas markets. If not now, when?" Keith Skalsky, Territory Manager, Pape Kenworth Alaska
Pape Kenworth Alaska
“The Alaska LNG Project will benefit the State by creating jobs for rural and all Alaskans. It will give the interior energy relief, which is long overdue, and long-term revenue for the State. Local 375 is in 100%, and we look forward to putting our highly trained members to work and continue the outreach program to the rural communities to train new members to accomplish this project safely, and on time.” Bob Hubbard, Business Manager, Local 375 Plumbers and Pipefitters
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 375