Project Support and Benefits

Support for Alaska’s natural gas infrastructure and LNG export project is widespread and includes government, industry, and statewide enthusiasm for commercializing Alaska’s North Slope natural gas.

The project will liberate the North Slope gas resource and is Alaska’s most significant gas infrastructure project.

Economic impact studies indicate that the project will benefit Alaskans through royalties and jobs, and provide low-cost, clean energy to help stimulate economic activity throughout the state.

Providing an international market for Alaska’s natural gas will also spur further oil and gas exploration from the North Slope to Southcentral Alaska, ensuring local supply and leading to more oil and gas industry activity in the state.

Major Impacts

  • Delivers a secure energy supply for Alaskans.
  • Generates billions of dollars in new revenue for the State.
  • Creates up to 12,000 jobs during construction and another 1,000 full time jobs during operation.
  • Creates numerous opportunities for Alaska businesses and contractors.