In-State Access

A main purpose of the pipeline is to bring natural gas to Alaskans. To facilitate that mission, multiple interconnections allow for future in state deliveries of natural gas. The size and location of the other interconnection points are still being evaluated.

Working with Alaska Native Organizations

The project understands the importance of the project’s footprint to Alaska Natives for subsistence activities and traditional use. Avoiding impacts to subsistence resources, indigenous activities, and facilitating continued subsistence access to the project areas are all primary objectives of the project.

The project is committed to maintain a positive working relationship based on trust and collaboration with the various Alaska Native organizations located along the project areas. Communication with local communities is critical to the success of the project.

Excitement for the future

For more than 40 years, Alaskans have anxiously awaited for an in-state pipeline to supply local natural gas and AGDC continues to be committed to delivering in-state natural gas.

Download the In-State Gas Fact Sheet for additional information on gas access in Alaska.