LNG Buyers Visit Alaska

Major LNG buyers across the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly recognizing Alaska LNG as a prize worth pursuing. On three separate occasions throughout Q3, senior officials representing many nations visited Alaska to see firsthand how Alaska LNG can be their regional supplier for reliable, low-cost, clean energy.

In July, senior officials from one of China’s national oil & gas companies came to Anchorage for a number of meetings, presentations, and facility tours that included a trip to see existing facilities on the North Slope.

Later that same month, Tokyo Gas President Michiaki Hirose and Tokyo Gas America President Shunjiro Yamashita traveled to Juneau to discuss Alaska LNG with AGDC and other State of Alaska Officials. Tokyo Gas, which is Japan’s largest distributor of natural gas, has a relationship with Alaska that dates back to 1969 when the state sent the first LNG shipment to Japan from North America.