Community Meetings

PHOTO: AGDC President Keith Meyer addresses Alaskan’s questions during a community meeting in Anchorage

Throughout the spring and early summer, AGDC held community meetings across the state to introduce residents to Alaska LNG. The gatherings gave Alaskans opportunities to learn about Alaska LNG directly from staff intimately involved in the project.

In addition to hearing from AGDC staff about all aspects of Alaska LNG – from regulatory and commercial progress to job opportunities and access to lower cost energy for Alaskans – residents asked questions specific to their communities.

Many of these community specific questions came from residents of Nikiski – the site for Alaska LNG’s 20 million tonne per annum liquefaction facility. Though the community will benefit from long-term job opportunities created by Alaska LNG, the community will also experience construction impacts associated with the project. The most notable of these disturbances is the realignment of a section of the Kenai Spur Highway – a major community thoroughfare. As Alaskans, AGDC staff recognize and appreciate the intrusion impacts like this will have on the lives of fellow Alaskans, which is why the Alaska LNG project team has held numerous community meetings throughout the year to keep residents appraised of project developments and solicit community feedback.

AGDC is committed to keeping all Alaskans informed. If you, your organization, or community would like to learn more about Alaska LNG directly from AGDC staff, please email AGDC at

PHOTO: Alaskans had the opportunity to learn more about Alaska LNG and speak directly with AGDC staff during community meetings held spring and early summer

PHOTO: Alaskans read about the Alaska LNG project prior to a community meeting in Anchorage