Business and Labor Groups Support Gasline

A diverse group of Alaskan organizations have come together to support Alaska LNG. Initial members of the Alaska Gasline Coalition represent business and labor groups from across the state.

Members of the coalition support AGDC’s work to develop Alaska LNG because the project will provide opportunities for all Alaskans.

“The Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) firmly believes that the Alaska LNG project would be a boon to our economy. As an organization that champions growing and diversifying Anchorage’s economy – this project would accomplish both. More well-paying jobs and more revenue for our state is why AEDC supports the development of a natural gas pipeline project in Alaska.”

– AEDC President & CEO Bill Popp


“The Alaska AFL-CIO is fully committed to this project. We know Alaskan contractors and workers are the best in the world at building in the Arctic and we look forward to the opportunity to build this project and bring our gas to market.”

– Alaska AFL-CIO President Vince Beltrami


AGDC will provide the coalition with regular updates on Alaska LNG as the project advances through the regulatory and commercial processes. In particular, AGDC will highlight opportunities for Alaskans to get involved.

To learn more about the Alaska Gasline Coalition and how your organization can become a member, please email AGDC at

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